Too Sweet to be True

Lionel Atticus has big plans for Moon Mall where he is the manager. Candy Kane, the proprietor of Sweet Tooth, introduces him to Ron Ovis, CEO of a global investment firm. When Sara Sheif, Mall Chief Security Officer witnesses a strange encounter between Candy and Ron, she investigates the firm and learns their history of hostile takeovers.


Coming Soon - Supply and Demand

Moon Base is the perfect thoroughfare to smuggle the new pet craze, Sizutune, to Earth where there is a huge demand. Port Sports, a sporting goods store in Moon Mall, is the perfect cover for the manager, Buck Gordon, one of the largest distributors. Candy Kane discovers the inventory of Sweet Tooth is decreasing more than usual and clues lead to Port Sports. She asks Farny Bife, the mall's main security officer to help her investigate.


Coming Soon - Whimsical Affairs

Whimsical Wishes is the newest store in Moon Mall, and Sarina Barnett is the owner. She takes a fancy to Farny Bife, mall security who has the hots for Candy Kane, the owner of Sweet Tooth. When Sarina learns Candy has the hots for Buck, she plays matchmaker between the two in hopes of clearing a path for her and Farny.