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New Collection of Short Stories Tugs at Heartstring Through Unconventional Topics.

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Rockwall, Texas - October 22, 2019 - introduces author CynthiaLorraine with Runs In The Family, her short story collection exploring family drama and the ties that bind individuals as families. Get your free download today at

The first story, "Tarah" challenges religious calling over family responsibility. It is a story of reconciliation. Seventeen years ago, David Campbell, pastor of the fastest growing mega church in Memphis, Tennessee, chose ministry over responsibility abandoning Tarah, his first-born child. Together with his wife, Bernice, he devises a plan to reunite with his daughter by hiring her as their babysitter.

In the second story, "Letters from Gertie" tells the story of a woman's decision to give up her only child for adoption forty years ago. Relive the angst of Gertrude's heart wrenching decision through the letters she writes to her son, Robert. Laugh and cry as she shares her journey from conception, through the decision to keep the pregnancy, to the birth and adoption of her son, Robert.

The third story, Annette and Samantha Blake, the women behind the professional coaching firm, Social Graces, might just be the premier advisors to up and coming female executives. They also happen to be mother and daughter."Bedroom Deadlines" is a hilarious account of the growing pains in a mother-daughter personal coaching business. Samantha's carefree management style is naturally at odds against the outdated practicality of mom and founder Annette.

In Runs In the Family, CynthiaLorraine explores the harmony and heartache of family relationships and the roles loyalty, love and the past play in determining the future. is the world’s largest publisher of indie e-books. They allow authors to publish and distribute e-books to the industry’s major retailers, as well as provide e-books in a wide variety of digital formats.

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CynthiaLorraine is a historical fiction novelist, film and television scriptwriter, and an international travel writer. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University and is a member of The Authors Guild and the Nonfiction Authors Association. CynthiaLorraine resides in Rockwall, Texas.

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